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Elysator tank has an integral cyclone filter that traps sediment and impurities for easy draining.
There is no need for an external power supply to the Elysator
The Elysator protects the whole system against corrosion
The Elysator protects soft metals such as aluminium

How does it work?

Water from the cooling or boiler system is fed via a bypass circuit through the Elysator tank.

The Elysator provides complete protection using the principle of cathodic/ anodic protection through a sacrificial magnesium anode. The pH value of the water is raised to a value of 9-10 by the alkaline release of Magnesium Hydroxide from the anode. This process also consumes the oxygen in the water; both of these actions prevent corrosion.

What Happens
Gives Complete corrosion Cathodic/Anodic protection
Increased pH value (9-10) Alkalisation by Mg Hydroxide released from Anodes
Oxygen Consumption Through corrosion of Magnesium anode
Soft water effect Ionization
Chloride/salt control Reduced conductivity
Sludge sedimentation Cyclone filter
Reduced chemical inventory Continuous protection
Reduced Staff training No sludge in system
No environmental pollution Less maintenance costs
Automatic protection No hazardous chemicals or service contract


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