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The Elysator is a Swiss invention that has more than 30 years history as a water treatment unit in heating applications. It was developed to meet the needs of the centralised cooling and heating systems found in most Scandinavian countries. It also offers a completely safe environmental system as it does not use any chemicals and creates no waste product.

What is an Elysator

The Elysator is a single tank that is fitted to the circulation or feed water system on heating and cooling systems where protection against corrosion and scale is required. The unit includes a pure magnesium anode, a cyclone filter, a magnetic filter and electronic meter. The function of the Elysator is based on the anodic/cathodic principle i.e. the allowance of a less noble metal (magnesium) to be sacrificed (corroded) instead of the system itself. During the corrosion process of the anodes Oxygen is consumed creating H2O and Magnesium Hydroxide.

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